About Jen Dean

Life is short. And beautiful. My values lie in creating a beautiful portraits to hold. To have a history never to be forgotten. 

When we stop and ponder, many of us would agree that what matters most in our world are the precious moments we share with the people in our lives. Whether these moments are with a partner, a child, family member or friends, or a portrait for ourself or our business, life is a very busy place, and time flies!

In the blink of an eye, my own daughter just started fourth grade.

Growing up there were very few portraits of me. I became a photographer in large part to show everyone how beautiful they are, that they matter, and to create art to last a lifetime - because this kind of art is what matters most.

This artwork is not to be stored on a flash drive that will likely go the way of the cassette tape, but displayed in your home for you to walk by and smile at every day right up until you move into your retirement home! What better gift could we give to our families than our history?