Glamour Makeover Session for Stephanie

Stephanie is my hair stylist. You can find her most days at

Diva's Hair Studio

 in South Portland, Maine.  She is an incredible hair stylist. I can tell you that I am terribly picky about my curly hair after years of stylists butchering it. (: If you are looking for a new stylist who will truly listen to you (and teach you how to actually get the same style that she does in the salon at home) then call her! 

That aside she is also a beautiful woman both inside and out. Running her own business and raising a a daughter is a lot of work. We laughed about the last time she took time to do something like this for herself. I am so glad she did take the time to do this for herself. Working with her was a lot of fun and well, you can see how she shines. Thank you Stephanie for letting me show you how beautiful you are.