Maine Audubon Society at Gilsland Farm, Critter Visit, Falmouth Maine

I have always been an animal lover. When I was a kid I would collect bugs and went on to have my own pet lizard. Yup, I was that kid. There is no creature that I can't find adorable or really cool in some way. So today, while still a bit chilly, it was really sunny and beautiful and I decided to visit the

Maine Audubon Society at Gilsland Farm

in Falmouth. 

I have been here many times, but usually with my daughter and a few other children. Tonight I took my camera around dinner time (for all creatures) and went alone. Here are a few of the friends that I made. I am not a nature photographer by any stretch and my time with these guys had me respecting the folks that do this for a living even more. But I wanted to share these since they made me smile. I hope they do the same for you...and maybe inspire you to go be outside for a bit. 

Life is lovely when you slow down and watch.

See you soon- Jen