Montego Bay Jamaica Wedding for Kayce and Scott 3/16/13

I always have to start out each blog entry with my favorite portrait. So this post starts with this portrait that I am in love with of the beautiful Kayce. She is inside one of the buildings at the

Sunset Beach

Resort and Spa at Montego Bay, Jamaica

. The resort is, of course, right on the beach and if you haven't visited there yourself I can say it truly looks like the postcard portraits that you may have seen!

I met Kayce, who is also a professional photographer, at a workshop that we both took several years ago in Cape Cod. We became fast friends and they have come up from New Orleans to visit us here in Maine. I was SO excited when she called and asked me to photograph their wedding in Jamaica! It was a very intimate event with just them and their two children. Having already met Spencer (my daughter is in love with him - and how could she not be...see the photos to follow) I was thrilled at the chance to spend some time with the family and get to know Sierra a bit as well. The backdrop of Jamaica made my job that much easier. 

Kayce and Scott chose a ceremony location on the beach more removed from the bustle of the hotel on the far end of the beach. It was quiet and perfect for them. The next morning we got up and went back out to take some really fun family and couple portraits in the water! 

I love getting to also do some creative work at night. The sunsets in Jamaica do not disappoint (shocking!) and I truly loved their wedding dinner on the beach which was surrounded by candles and tiki torches. So romantic. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention the truly wonderful staff at the hotel. They go above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need, of course, but they also take the time to get to know you and help you in any way that they can to ensure that you are relaxed and care free during your stay. It really stood out to me what a warm and relaxed culture they strive to live in. I tried to bring some of that home with me. 

I can't wait to go back to Jamaica to visit and to capture more beautiful moments for the families that choose this amazing location to begin their marriage. 

In love and life...Jen 

(P.S. to see the photos larger just click on the photo) 

My introduction to Jamaica began with the amazing views out the plane window. Then there was the view right outside my room and my early morning meeting with Jerry . He lived on the property ( far out of the way). 

Wedding day!!

LOVE this portrait too. 

My other favorite of Kayce. The camera loves her. As do I. 

These two were so easy and fun to be around. I love them so much. Hugs to you both!!

All family portraits should involve jumping in the ocean!! If only Maine were a bit warmer.  (:

A romantic wedding dinner by the sea...