Glamour makeover portraits for a dear friend...

This is Kim. I have known her for the last 13 years. She is one of those people that you know and you hear what has happened in her life and you just say "Really!!!??! Wow...How can anyone live through all that and still be so happy all the time!!?!" 

She constantly is searching for the positive in people and life. I love that about her. She always makes me laugh! And she truly believes in me. You know that friend that never fails to always say that you will be ok and reassure you and just be there for you. Well, Kim has been that for me over the years. 

I wanted to do a glamour session for Kim...which was tricky since we couldn't stop laughing the entire time. But I think I may have managed to capture how beautiful she is nonetheless. Kim you are stunning, both on the inside and on the outside. You rock my friend!

In life and love...Jen

                                        Truly most of the portraits are like these. I love them. (: