Jonathan & Kelsey at the Rangeley Country Club Inn Maine

Jonathan and Kelsey are both reserved people. If you knew them for the last 20 years, like most of the wedding guests had, there were many inside jokes and lots of laughter. They both treated me with such kindness and respect that I understood the gushing during the toasts about what wonderful people they both are.

The day was filled with emotional toasts and wild laughter! We survived rain during the formal portraits and the sun came out right before the ceremony for them. Of course the children stole the show several times throughout the day as is often the case when there are kids around. (:

As always I like to start with my favorite image from the day. If this is the only one you see you have gotten a glimpse into what an gorgeous place Rangeley Maine is for a wedding. The backdrop of the mountains here at the Rangeley Country Club Inn is truly amazing and well worth the drive.

I wish them both many many years of happiness and laughter together!!

                                                                                                                   In life and love  - Jen