Maegan & Anthony's Wedding at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Portland Maine

Maegan. I want to call her my tiny bride. She is the first one in a long time that made me (all 5ft tall of me) feel big! She is so gorgeous. Like truly stunning. And she is also super super sweet. One of those people that you want to say "Really, are you this nice for real!?" But she always is. Every time we have connected.  (:

She was surrounded by her siblings, almost all 7 of them, but one brother was in seminary and unable able to attend. So adding Anthony's siblings (each family has eight children) made for a busy formal portrait time. However, even though there were so many family members there was not the chaos I would have expected from that many people all in one place! They were all wonderfully happy and proud to be part of the wedding day. 

It was a beautiful sunny summer day for a wedding in Maine. Here are some of my favorites from the day. Cheers to many many years together Meagan & Anthony!!

In life and love   - Jen