Engagement portraits at Orchard Hill Farm for Danielle and Nick

 I met Danielle many years ago when I was still a preschool teacher. She worked with the babies at the childcare and was one of those people that you want to say "Really!? Are you always this nice?!" But she is. She went back to school and is now a neonatal nurse. A perfect career for her in my opinion. (:

I asked her about her relationship with Nick so that I could blog about it and this is what she wrote:

"Nick and I met through a mutual friend. His roommate was dating a friend of mine and we all ended up out together one night. I immediately got butterflies when I saw him! We went out again the very next night and the rest is history. We will be getting married at Sugarloaf. I grew up in western Maine and have dreamed of getting married there since I was a little girl. :) "

I was excited to get to capture my dear gorgeous friend and her fiance together. Here are some of my favorites and hers. Congratulations to you both and I wish you many many years of love together!!

                                                                                                      In life and love. - Jen