Thank you. Or all the ways that I am grateful. Or an intro to Jen. I can't decide.

Hello there Maine! It's a Monday morning in November and I am excited to be able to say it's almost 60 degrees outside! Woah. However, it's supposed to drop 30 degrees by tomorrow. Oh well. Welcome to Maine. (; 

So I am editing like crazy for the Holidays and getting Holiday prints, cards, and other gift products in the que to get ordered. I love this time of year. The nog is out ( YES!! ) and I am thinking about all the things I am grateful for. Like how I don't actually have to like or even eat turkey at Thanksgiving or anytime because I live in America where I have so much freedom and privilege and food options that I can do what I want. That is just one of the ways in a long list of things I have been pondering over that I am grateful for. (And yes thank you,  I know it's a tad random to start with that one) Mostly I am grateful for the people in my life. Like all of us in the world, our lives are shaped by the people we are closest to. I owe a lot to that group this year. You know who you are. 

I tend to ramble a lot. If you know me personally, well, then you are used to this. I will start on one thing in a conversation and then quickly end up somewhere else. I like to think of it as part of my charm, but I know it can be really, well, hard to keep up with at times. Keep this in mind when reading all further posts, please. (: 

I have been told, by more than one person I promise, (And no, one of them was not my mom. Well, ok maybe someone like that.) that I should write more. And honestly I do love to write. No idea why anyone would say I should write other than entertainment value. It occurs to me that maybe that IS why. Oh well, I have digressed again. Sigh. 

But back around again. (Oh no, my font just changed and I don't know why. Huh. Oh technology.) The reason I am writing this is multi-layered. I have been promising myself that I would blog more. Because I love it! I love the creative outlet. I love that I already have your attention because you might be here to look at some portraits of someone you know or maybe you are just snooping around some photographers sites and ended up here. Stick with me for a minute and you will see where this is going. Maybe.

My opinion is that when you hire someone to take portraits for you it's a big deal. And maybe you don't even know that yet. But after you have someone come into your life and follow you around either at your wedding or even just for a family portrait session you may realize it's a really intimate experience.

I think giving people the opportunity to get to know me a bit better might be a good thing. So I have been telling myself I would open up a bit more here. Give clients (and maybe some friends) some insight into why I do what I do. What makes me tick. And why you might be able/want to connect with me.

So this is my first endeavor at doing that. At not just writing a post solely because there were portraits to share. So I am writing this as an introduction to me. Which I may or may not have succeeded at. Well, at least now you know that I don't like turkey. And I DO love parenthesis. (They are perfect for a thought within a thought. Which happens to me often.) That is a lovely start, no?

This post is also a way to say that while we are all in the grateful time of year...I feel compelled to gush about what I lucky girl I am. I have the most amazing kiddo in the world (yes, I know yours is the most amazing kid too.) The best, kindest, and most loyal friends are mine. I do work that excites me, but also that I know is valued highly by my clients/friends. And I have a great home near the ocean in Portland, Maine which is a really awesome city to live in.

So thank you all, clients for supporting me and friends for holding my hand. It's been an interesting, tough, fun, and amazing journey to here. And I couldn't have made it here without you.

                                                                                                 In life and love - Jen

Exhibit 1. Cutest kid ever portrait. Also a bit of a nerd. Heart stealer extraordinaire.

Exhibit 2. Amazing photographer & friend Jamie who 2nd shoots with me at weddings & sorts me out in general.

Exhibit 3.  Portland Maine Eastern Prom. Gorgeous.