Strength and peace. A portrait session with Karen

We all have our stories. Our daily life weaves a path and soon we look back and it seems that the path turned into a highway at times, flying by so quickly with so much happening on it! I have been asking more and more clients to share their stories with me in writing so I can put their own words here on the blog. I always want to get to know who you are. Why did you choose to have portraits done right now? What is it that you want to remember about where you are right now in your life. Let me back up a bit and set the stage though..

Many people come to me at the start of something. For many families it's about the beginnings. A wedding is all about bringing two groups of family and close friends together to celebrate the beginning of a shared life. Babies (and children) are such a wonderful celebration of everything about being get to watch them experience all the details and sensory interactions of being alive and live through their reactions. It is SO much fun!

I have found that over time though daily life, the business of it, as well as the tragedies and triumphs of friends, family, and careers really shapes a lot about who we are and how we interact with others. Our experiences help steer how we feel about ourselves. I think that we decide though how to react to every situation. How to act or react is always a choice. The bravery and peace with which some people face things is truly inspiring.

When Karen initially reached out she told me her story. I loved getting to know Karen a bit better. She has faced a lot. I will let her words describe where she is at now and why...

  "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5

"I was married for 27 years. A caregiver for my terminally ill husband for 32 months and a widow for over 2 years. I wanted to do this for myself because I thought it would make me feel good.  Feelings are so important.

The photo session with Jen brought such grace beyond my expectations.  I felt like a princess. As she spoke to me, I could feel joy and compassion illuminating from me. She coaxed it from me. The preview session of the final images was another amazing experience.  I thought choosing my favorites might be difficult. As we viewed the images together, it became apparent that Jen had truly captured my spirit with glimpses of the strength, gratitude and joy I had gained over the years.

Thank you, Jen! You were great!! "

I am grateful that Karen chose to have me preserve who she is right now in her life. She lived through a great loss and is still so full of happiness and compassion. It was really such a fun session to be part of because of who she is. I hope you see some of that in these portraits.

                                                                                       In life and love. - Jen