Heather's Makeover Session - A new mom gets Glamorous!!

 Heather came to me when I put out the call for my 'white sessions' promotion. She has a new baby boy who is just 6 months old, Rowen, and felt like she really wanted the chance to feel "beautiful again".  As any new mom will tell you, often you feel like your time is spent covered in fluids, trying to find clothes that will still fit you, and generally aware every moment that your life is no longer your own and is totally upside down. And you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

However, that doesn't mean you don't miss feeling girly, pretty, well dressed, and getting some alone time. Add to that the idea of having lasting portraits to hang in your home for your child to see what a HOT mama they have...and most moms really love the experience of a day of pampering in the studio. Heather was no exception.

Heather also volunteered to be recorded for my 1st promotional video the day she was in the studio!! I am really excited to be sharing that very soon. (I also have a new website coming that is dedicated just to my Glamour Photography!! Big things are in the works!!)

She was so very much fun to be with. I loved her laugh...it's contagious. And I loved getting the chance to remind her how stunning she is...I think she looks so much like Selma Hayek! Here are some favorites from her session. Though I could really post them all!

A huge thank you to the wonderful Julia, owner of

Andrea's Bridal

, who provided the amazing gown for Heather to wear. Julia is an awesome person. I can't say enough good things about she and her staff!! Go visit her for your prom or wedding gown - her customer service is exceptional.

                                                                                                            In love and life. - Jen