Paris & Italy - Alleys and Secrets

I had this amazing gift given to me. An old friend brought me to Europe. We traveled together and got to spend time in both Paris and Italy. I feel truly overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have gotten to see some of the most beautiful and historical things in the world. Cobblestone alleys happen to be one of my favorite things in any city. We have a few here in Portland, Maine, but they are everywhere in Europe and especially Italy. It was so wonderful to see them wet with rain and get to watch the street lights reflect the nooks and crannies at night. It felt like they each had so many old stories to tell. 

People keep asking me what was my favorite thing or place or part of the trip. I truly can't imagine trying to choose one thing. I loved so many things about each place. I do have to say I finally understand why people are so moved by art and speak so passionately about the masters. I have gone to a fair amount of museums and seen some beautiful and inspiring art in my life. But nothing that compared to walking into that room in the


and when the crowd moved away I seeing Botticelli. I have seen reproductions my whole life and never quite understood the big deal. But the

Rite of Spring

in person is truly heart wrenching. I cried. 

It seemed to me that everything about Europe was steeped in tradition and history. Everywhere you looked there was  building older than our entire country. The cobblestones and alleys spoke to me and told me just a few secrets. I look forward to hearing some more on my next visit. Here is my perspective from the lens. 

                                          In life and love- Jen

And here is the tour of Italy...

This is a bank that we walked by. Yup, just a bank. Guessing it used to be something else previously, but who knows. ( ;

 This is the view looking out over the bay and into the shipyard in Genoa.

This is the shopping mall in Milan.

No collection is complete without a small representation of the cappos and chocolates that happen several times daily.

I am always nice to all the birds. Even the pigeons.

Do you see how small the people are in the bottom of the frame? 

The view from the top of the bell tower in Florence.

Typical postcard-esque.

View from the balcony at the room in Florence. Amazing!

This is in Sagno, Switzerland.

Swiss donkeys. Just as cute as American ones.