What else is life for except enjoying it? ... A family portrait session in Cape Elizabeth Maine

I read an article about happiness recently. I have spent plenty of time in my life pondering what happiness is for me, what it is for others and how there are some people that just seem to have it and others who just miss it entirely. You know the ones. Those families you meet and you think...how do they do that? They always seem happy. Not perfect, but just happy. Sweet moments are what life is truly all about. We all want them. I think that those moments can happen everyday if we let them or maybe if we actually just see them. Those times when we are asked to blow bubbles for our kids and then we take the time to do it and actually take the time to watch them laugh. Yup, those are the moments. Cause really what else is this life for except enjoying it? Sometimes we forget. Here is a reminder. 

                                                                                                  In life and love - Jen