The Dream Sessions - Playing dress up

When I see these portraits they make my heart skip a beat. I mean that. They take my breath away. I just started offering these sessions. The first one I did was with my own daughter this summer (another blog post about and with those portraits coming soon). When I was in the studio with her I realized, like it hit me over the head, I had to do these for other children. I am in love with this whole idea. My idea was to keep it simple. I wanted to give kids the chance to play, dress up, and have fun while I observed. I sent out the word after my daughters session and I have since done a few more sessions and the idea has taken off. I am so excited to be able to offer the opportunity for kids to come have fun and create works of art for the family.

I love my daughters huge dimples when she smiles, but I am just as in love with her totally intense stare and the way she takes things in. My guess was that other parents feel the same way. I wasn't 

wrong. My favorite portrait from this session (and one that I am so obsessed with in general - I made a 20x30 canvas of it for my studio) is the one right below. You can't really see her whole face. There is a bit of mystery as to what she might be thinking. I wondered what her mom would say about the portrait or if she would like it. She was clearly blown away and she loved it. My guess was right that it's not just the huge smiles that you adore in your child, but the intimate, quiet, thoughtful moments as well. 

Each child has their own intensity. Their own world that they create. You remember when you made up whole movies, scenes, and worlds? As parents we get to observe this time in your child's life. This unique time when play and what you imagine is still so real. I have watched my friends children grow up and I have watched this time slowly fade away. When real life sets in and the innocence is fading for one reason or another. I feel like most grown ups, at some point, all talk about this idea. We can look back and remember, maybe barely, a time when we loved play for plays sake. When everything we played was about saving the world, being dressed up for a party, or pretending we had 6 brothers and sisters (yes, as an only child this seemed really cool). (:

I know that too soon this time will have passed. My question to you is "Will you clearly remember the way she feels right now? The intensity in her eyes as she imagines a dream in her own mind?" 

 If you are interested in booking a Dream Session then call today to book your session and preserve the moments for her...for when she is all grown up, so she can remember too. 207-318-0467 or

In Life and Love- Jen