We all get stuck. Sometimes just in our own head. I often get stuck there. Not sure which direction to go next. Wondering if I will be here for a long time. It happens to all us all. At different times and for different reasons. But it feels the same. Like slogging through mud with hip waiters on. Like trying to swim in a pool of gel. Sometimes I am ok with it. Sometimes I find it infuriating. 

I started to get all these ideas though. I got them slowly over the last few months. I wrote them down and just kept waiting. I kept taking notes. I signed the lease for my new studio. It was supposed to be really exciting. And it is. Except that it's also terrifying. What if I fail? What if no one comes? I don't book any sessions and people stop paying me to do the work I love? I keep going into my new studio and realizing I am completely frozen. Stuck. 

I am on a cliff. The big edge of something. I know it. Every time I am stuck I come out of it. Often with a renewed sense of excitement for my work and fresh ideas. I know I am close. 

In my travels of collecting ideas I remembered this session with my daughter two summers ago. And that there were images I liked. So I pulled this one out and played with it. Consider this a small introduction to the direction my work will take. I love stories. I always have. I believe an image should leave you wondering what the story is.   

                                                                                                                In dreams. -Jen