Chebeague Island Maine Engagement Portraits

When Brian called me from DC he explained that his fiance has had a family home on Chebeagaue Island here in Maine for the last 3 generations. The island is home to her. She grew up spending the summers there and they would be getting married on the island as well. They wanted me to come out and take engagement portraits.

I have to say it was a pretty magical place for me. I took the ferry over from Cousins Island in Yarmouth. It was an amazing day. The clouds were dramatic and you could feel summer coming. (Yes, I haven't had a chance to blog these so I am a bit late!) The island has that feel that most islands in Maine do. It calls back to more simple times. Uncomplicated and quiet. There are still flyers for local suppers and concerts, but it feels small and quaint in a way that a bigger city just can't compete with. You wave to everyone as you drive by them. You know everyone. You can see who is adding to the camp. Who is getting married. The new babies born that have grown a bit more every summer. I sort of love that. It's nice to know these places still exist. Where you can just relax and wander around. Leave your door unlocked and take your dogs everywhere.

I can't wait until the wedding next year. I know there will be more of the same. Lots of beauty, quiet, and close family embraced by coastal beauty that only Maine can offer. People come from afar to relax in a way that only Maine has.

I feel so lucky to get to see it all that time. I will also try and channel this when I am under several feet of snow and ice this winter too. (: