Flowers and sticks. A girl and a boy.

Grayson and Bennett clearly, as you can see, are very easy to take portraits of! Adorable and cooperative too! I met them two years ago in the fall when they had family portraits done. Grayson was just a peanut then. It was one of my favorite sessions since her mom and dad had never given her a lollipop before our session. The portraits of her face were priceless. She and Bennett both have grown up into big kids. It's always wild to me to see how fast children change. Grayson loved picking the flowers and Bennett immediately found a walking stick that had to be kept. Funny how that works. (:

I love the fact that they just hung out and let me take portraits of them together. I am especially fond of portraits of children running in a field. I always feel like it's so dreamy. What we all have in our minds when we think of children playing I guess. 

This particular location was so nice for that. Between, the barn backdrop, the field, and the big areas of grass and trees Flaherty's Family Farm in Scarborough, Maine was just the bees knees for me to capture great portraits! 

Enjoy these. I have more sessions to share soon!

In dreams- Jen