Goofy boys - A mini portrait session

Mini sessions are a great chance to get some portraits quickly. Which makes them especially appealing to parents with a couple kids. They take about 20-25 minutes and are all about having fun so that the kids don't get bored. I let them run around and play, walk and chat. I ask them to interact with each other and see what happens. We get lots of goofy out takes and usually some great images that are more straight forward traditional portraits that grammie and grandpa will love as well. 

I loved these two. Their personalities are totally opposite. Gavin is older and an old soul who is a bit more serious and conservative, while Chase is a total goofball who couldn't stop giggling. I watched them wrestle, make silly faces, and generally just had a great time. Just what kids should get to do. And while we were at it we captured some great memories. 

I feel so grateful that I get to connect with families and children this way. And I get to stop time for a bit. Today when their parents saw the portraits they talked about how different Gavin looked now because he had lost his two front teeth. Children change so quickly! 

I only offer mini sessions a couple of times a year. So sign up for the newsletter here on my website and you will get an email when they happen again! See you then!

In dreams - Jen