Chelsea & Kevin, Engagement portraits at Ft. Williams, Cape Elizabeth

It was a fogy day at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine the day that we met for Chelsea and Kevin's engagement session. And it was actually just a few days before the wedding the way it worked out. It gave poor Kevin a taste of what what it's like on wedding day to have someone follow you with a camera. And frankly, that's why I like to have a session with couple ahead of the wedding. It gives them time to get used to having a camera around you and helps you relax in front of the lens.  I think Kevin would rather be drinking scotch than having his portraits taken (which I learned at their wedding), but then I think a lot of people feel that way! And he did a great job of relaxing into the session.

Chelsea and Kevin are a pretty funny couple. As in they have a great sense of humor. He is so sarcastic. Right up my alley. (: I love the connection they have with each other and I think that came through in these images. 

I enjoy working in the fog. I think it gives everything a layer of softness and quiet that I really like. So here are a few favorites from that foggy day. The wedding images will be up soon. And trust me, those are a lot of fun! Let's just say Kevin can dance...

In dreams -Jen