Brennon's Portrait Session

Brennon was a typical 8 year old kiddo. He had lots of stories to tell me so we chatted a lot! He brought a backpack full of gear including a great compass that we took out and used. (:  I totally love his gap tooth smile. I think that it's so fantastic when parents want to do portraits when their child doesn't have any front teeth. It says so much about the age that they are...yet another moment in time fleeting away from us. My own daughters teeth just started to come back in and she looks so entirely different and grown up! 

If you are interested in portraits for your child give me a call quick. (207-318-0467) I have one more outside mini session portrait day coming up on October 17th at the Maine Audubon Society in Falmouth. It's a great backdrop with some beautiful foliage this time of year. It's a perfect time to get an updated portrait that might just be a bit better than your average school snapshot. (: That's why this family decided to have Brennon's portraits taken! And what great Holidays gifts they will make! 

In dreams- Jen