Powerhouse Woman

It's an amazing thing to get to do my job. I feel that all the time. When you call and tell me your story. You give me the opportunity to know you a little. Then we slowly make further connections over phone, email and in person. When the session happens my work is to connect with you and get you to relax into who you are. Relax and let my camera and I see who you are on the inside. Because that person inside clearly affects the way you hold yourself on the outside.

Britt called me because she needed some portraits for her new business website. Brit is clearly comfortable with who she is (more like she is a total powerhouse!), but had never had portraits where she loved the way she looked. It was a huge compliment for her to say that she finally felt like she looked beautiful in portraits. That is always my goal. For every single woman. She is an amazingly beautiful strong human and I am so glad that she feels like these portraits show that off! 

Rarely do I have a woman who is super confident. It's often a case of, ok I want this, I need a new head shot or I have never had portraits done of myself. They say I have seen the work on your website, and I know I want to hire you, but I am nervous. Again and again women say these things and then they have so much fun, they tell me they want to come back again when they go to leave the session, and then they come back and are thrilled with the portraits. I couldn't be happier. I love that I know I am good at this work. That I can walk you through how to, relax, pose and help you create portraits you love. Everyone has a story and I love helping you show others yours. 

When you come in for a session you have a really fabulous day of pampering (hair and make-up done), you sip champagne and snack, and you feel truly beautiful. If you have been thinking about a session give me a call. We can chat and get to know each other. Then when you are ready we will give you the chance to connect the inside and outside of who you are and create portraits you are proud to have and share. I can't wait to meet you. I mean that. (:

In dreams-Jen