..."to truly love myself for what I am."

When Lyda called she had this really cool, very specific idea in mind for her boudoir session. It was to be a surprise for her guy and their upcoming wedding. I was excited to try some new lighting and posing. We had a great time together and I loved the results. But when she came back and saw the portraits was really the best part. I love seeing women be shocked at how beautiful they are. (: I see it, but sometimes they just don't see it the way I can. I will let her tell you about it in her own words....

"I initially contacted Jen Dean because I wanted to give some pictures to my soon-to-be husband on our wedding day. I have a love for all things vintage, and I wanted something that brought forward the little retro vixen that I secretly have inside myself each day. But what I got was something much more than a gift for him, it was also a gift for me.

Like most women, I have struggled with what it means to truly love myself for what I am. Growing up, I always held myself to unattainable standards of what I thought it meant to be beautiful. To be beautiful, you had to be this or that, and in my eyes I was always neither. But as I've gotten older,  I've learned that beauty is not what I once thought it was. And so as I am now approaching 30, I have made it a priority to begin to love and accept myself for who and what I am. 

With my petite figure I never had much hope to feel sexy, or even womanly, which is why the photoshoot with Jen is truly one of the best things that I have done for myself. The first half was the ultimate girly indulgence as I sipped champagne while having my hair and makeup done in her fabulous studio. The pampering (and champagne) was relaxing, but I was still unsure of how I would do in front of the camera. But once we transitioned to the actual photoshoot I was amazed at what happened: I felt beautiful. But not only did I feel beautiful, I felt the glamour and confidence that I had been missing for so long. I can honestly say that day was the most fun that I have had in my life. And the feeling didn't end when I left, but lasted for days after and left me wanting to do it all again-which I intend to do!

Jen listened to what I wanted and delivered that and so much more. I walk away with a gift for my fiance, as well as a gift for myself. And I'm proud to say that my walk is a little more jaunty thanks to that day with Jen!" - Lyda 

Do you keep debating a session and then decide to wait to lose that last ten pounds, till you have the time...or whatever else runs through your head? I encourage you to embrace the now. I promise you that you won't regret it. Call and let's chat. It's the perfect Holiday gift to pamper yourself! 

                                                                                                            - In Dreams. Jen