Happy Holidays My friends

Every year at this time I think about what the winter has in store. For me it means a time of retrospection, of quiet, snowy days, cuddling beneath the blankets, hot cocoa, and just a touch of magic. Christmas means time spent with those we love most. And winter will bring walking in the silence that descends upon the world right after a fresh blanket of snow. When all you can here is the crunch beneath your boots. I love that I get to share all these wonderful winter things with my daughter. Spending this magical time with our children is the best part of being a parent. 

Creating a beautiful winter dream space in my studio has been truly enchanting. I can't wait to share it with your child. Getting the chance to play with them in a spellbinding dream setting is something they will love and remember fondly. When you look back at their childhood these are the kinds of things you want to hold onto. The enchanted world they live in soon fades away. Here is the way to hold onto it forever. Let her dress up and play the 'Snow Queen' and walk away with art that will last a lifetime. I will have the hot cocoa waiting. (: