A Message to Mothers Everywhere

I am adore these images of Annette and her son. She came to me with an idea for her session. More that just a regular boudoir session, she wanted to capture her son breastfeeding in some images. We didn't share all the images here on the web because of the intimacy of them, just the close ups are shown. It was a really beautiful experience to watch and record for them. Those sweet moments are fleeting and I love that I got to keep them for Annette.

Sometimes the client says it best. Here is what Annette has to say about her session and the motivation for it. She has a real connection to her why for the session.  

"I was inspired to do this photoshoot to convey the empowering beauty of breastfeeding. As a nurse practitioner and first time mother, I am fascinated with breastfeeding. The miraculous way a woman can manufacture a perfectly formulated superfood, one that is tailored to meet the nutritional demands of her growing child, is an amazing process. Honestly, I find it even more miraculous than the pregnancy itself.

Unfortunately, many women in our society are not comfortable with breastfeeding for a variety of reasons. From physical pain, poor latch, and low milk supply to abbreviated maternity leaves and lack of private pumping rooms at work, women already face many barriers to breastfeeding. But in my experience working with women, both as a friend and a healthcare provider, I find that a general lack of societal acceptance of public breastfeeding is perhaps the greatest factor to determining if, and how long, a woman will breastfeed.

Even though I posed for these photos as a surprise for my husband, these photos are a message to mothers everywhere that your bodies are strong, beautiful, maternal vessels that deserved to be treasured and revered. Mothers should feel proud to feed their children publicly, for this is beautiful process.

Though there have been many days as a new mom that I have not felt beautiful on the outside due to sleep deprivation, lack of a shower, or spit up or toddler food on my clothes, my unfaltering ability to nourish my son has always makes me feel like a powerful, gorgeous, and primal woman. Jen was able to portray my inner strength and beauty through the camera.

I am so grateful for my the opportunity to work with Jen. She made me feel relaxed, comfortable and sexy every step of the way. She was fantastic with my son, and you can see from the looks on our faces that my son and I were having a fun and tender experience. Thank you, Jen, for helping capture and unify the inner and outer beauty of motherhood through these stunning photographs."

- Annette

I don't have anything like this with my daughter. I look back and wish I had taken the time to have someone record images like these. If you are interested please call me to chat about your ideas. 207-318-0467 I would love to talk to you. 


In dreams- Jen