Surprise Proposal at Portland Headlight, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Michael called me from Indiana. He said that he and his girlfriend were taking a road trip and he knew he wanted to propose here in Maine. He asked for help figuring out where in the area might be best so, naturally I suggested the Portland Headlight at Ft. Williams in Cape Elizabeth. It's an amazingly beautiful iconic Maine location. One of the top ways to identify the area is the ocean and a lighthouse! 

I walked Michael through exactly which lot to park in and where to walk down the path so that the lighthouse would be right behind him. He sent me photos of the two of them and which car he would be driving. It was a very busy day at the lighthouse, but you would never know. He waited for his moment while I pretended to be just another tourist (with the worlds longest camera lens!) One of my favorite images is when Jaymee is told by Michael that I am taking portraits of the her! She was so excited and sweet about it! 

We spent some time taking engagement portraits right after. They were headed into downtown Portland for an afternoon of strolling around and try to pick which of our fabulous restaurants to eat at. I gave them some ideas on things to do and off they went to start their life in a new place. Thank you to the two of you for letting me capture such a wonderful moment in your life and some portraits to help you remember this important time!

In dreams - Jen