Petite and Plucky

In her own words, Kaitlin says "Getting the pictures taken allowed me to forget everything that was going on in my head and just have fun and relax.  It was a lot of fun.  When I actually saw the pictures I couldn't believe it was me.  It was like I was looking at a model and reading what my family had to say about me just made me so happy.  I gained a lot of self confidence from it and can really see the beauty in me both inside and out."

Kaitlin's mom, Anna, found me in an online Google search. Anna had me take her own portraits in a make-over session. We spent a long time talking on the phone getting to know each other. After Anna had her session I had posted on my blog about my new 'Little Women' Dream Sessions. These sessions are all about boosting young girls self esteem. Anna got in touch and said her daughter was 12 and would be the perfect fit for one of these sessions. So we made some plans for the session. Then I sent Anna and several other relatives questionnaires about Kaitlin. The answers they give are written on the portraits to surprise Kaitlin with beautiful wishes, proud moments, and love from her family and friends. 

During our session Kaitlin was just a ball of happiness and energy. She was SO much fun to hang out with. Kaitlin is a dancer and she had a lot of fun dancing around the studio in different dresses. 

I specifically didn't want any make-up on her. I wanted to make sure she looked her age. After the session she told her mom she thought she looked so beautiful and she didn't even have any make-up on. Yes! (: 

When she came back she was so excited to read the quotes on the portraits. She made sure that the products she purchased had the quotes included on them too. These images are some of my favorites from our time together. I think she is truly just the cutest sweetest thing. We are planning a family session at the end of August and I am so looking forward to getting to meet the rest of her siblings and hopefully her grandparents too! 

If there is a tween girl in your life that would love a session like this, please send her my way! 207-318-0467 or

In dreams - Jen