From a Kid to a Grown up, Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are something I really enjoy doing, so much. I work with girls of all ages so I think they naturally fit into what I already do on a regular basis. I tend to work with teens who are really down to earth. They want images that are sincere and simple.

When Madi called me to take her senior portraits I was really excited and a bit shocked! She was a little girl that I had as a toddler in my classroom back when I was a teacher in early childhood education. I couldn't believe she was graduating high school now!! I officially feel like my mom when she always said how young she felt even though everyone was getting older! 

I remembered how wonderful Madi was as a kid and she is still exactly the same. I loved seeing her as a grown up. She is still so sweet and mild mannered. Easy to chat with and so fun. She has since come to babysit my daughter, and Charlie loves her too.  

Here are a few of my favorites from our session. I adore shooting at the Maine Audubon at Gilsland Farm in Falmouth.   It's an amazingly beautiful place with so many spots to choose from. This day in late fall 2015 there were the most amazing tall purple flowers that just happened to match Madi's necklace. Couldn't be more perfect. (: 

I am posting this now as a reminder to all of what an amazing difference a professional portrait can be. I know so many women that come in for a session say to me that they haven't had any professional portraits taken since they were seniors in high school. Being a senior is an important time. You are officially going from being considered a kid to a grown up. I remember that feeling well. I think it's a time to celebrate where you are and where you are going. It's a time you will look back on with fondness for the rest of your life. 

I hope to see you or your senior this summer...

In dreams- Jen