Bella's Killer Eyes - Little Women Portrait Session on Mackworth Island

Mackworth Island off the coast of Falmouth, Maine is a stunning 100 acre island that is the perfect mix of rugged Maine coast, enchanting woods, and open fields. I love being on the island to wander and explore and also to bring my clients there to use the island as a portrait backdrop. There is an magical area full of fairy gardens that many many families and children have built over the years from all natural found materials! If you haven't been there it's totally worth the trip. 

On this late summer day Britt (mom) and Bella met me to capture Bella right before her 11th birthday. These tween years are tough for girls. I remember them well. You aren't a little kid, but you aren't a teenager yet either. You still want to play with toys that you have always loved, but your loves are evolving into older girl stuff too. It can be tricky to navigate the emotions that come along with all these changes. I offer these Little Women sessions to try and help girls feels positive and powerful during this time. They can come and do whatever they want. Many girls like to dress up because they don't get to do that everyday and they love it (there are other girls that choose not to dress up!). Also, because they like to feel "girly" and they don't always feel comfortable doing that. And it's just fun to be outside romping around in a huge prom dress!! You don't get to do that everyday either...though for the life of me I am not sure why!? (: 

We started on the beach with an amazing dress and her killer eyes. (: I adore her freckles and loved that she arrived carefree with her hair slightly damp. This wasn't about her having perfect hair and being all made up. This was about being a kid and having fun...and that is what we did. We laughed a lot. I had Bella walk on the beach, sit in some bushes (ok near them!), and run in a field. I love the variety of expressions that we captured together!

Then I sent out questionnaires to her family to fill out. I used quotes from her mom, step-dad, and grandmother to lay over the images. When she came to view her portraits in my studio she also got to read what her family had to say about her. It was so awesome. And like many other girls she wanted to have the images printed into art for her wall with the quotes right on them! That made me really happy. She can now always be reminded of the the wonderful things that her family thinks of her! 

Send me an email today to chat more about getting a Little Women session on the calendar for that quickly growing little girl in your life. 

In Dreams - Jen