Ep 8 Stefa, Galvanized to be a Different Person

Warning: This episode is especially difficult and could be triggering for some people who have dealt with suicide in any capacity.

We talk with Stefa about her family history. Where they came from and how their past played out in her life growing up. Our families are our lives, they teach us values, give us a sense of self, and help us learn how we navigate the world. For better or worse we live with them for many years and their history greatly influences our own. 

Stefa's story is uniquely hers and helped shaped the person she is today. She talks about what she learned from a repeated thread that wasn't something you would wish for, but has just continually shown it's ugly head. Depression and suicide, not from herself, but from those in her family has been the shadow around her for big parts of her life. But what she shows is that all of us have the capacity to endure things that we don't think we can live through. Not only that, but we can come out the other side of these repeated difficulties, that seem unbearable, to be a kinder more compassionate person. She is a beautiful example of just that.  

May those of you experiencing something similar take heed. You are not alone. And there is so much compassion in this world. Keep looking, and remember it has to be compassion toward yourself first. 

And for all of us, there are those perfect days. Let's not take them for granted. 

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