Albino & Sunglow - Amazing Scales

People have such huge reactions to snakes so it's not surprising that these images garnered a lot of comments when I put them on Facebook. They ranged from adoration to repulsion. Some friends were baffled as to why I would choose to work with snakes. 

For me snakes are grounding. Makes sense cause they are always belly to the earth, right? What was interesting to me is that when Sam got handed the snake for the first time she said she felt more calm and relaxed. Grounded, I think she might have meant. They had the same effect on her. I am guessing that a lot of people who own a snake feel this way too. Whatever connection you have with something you love is a motivation. You want to learn about it. You are curious or fascinated. You want to be around it. That is how I feel about snakes, well to be honest, reptiles in general. I have always been drawn to reptiles (and all animals really).

I think that snakes are beautiful. But these two are exceptional! I wanted to show off these amazing boas. They are an albino and sun glow that my friend Dominic had. I think snakes get a bad rap. I think that people would have a totally different reaction if these images were with puppies or some other sort of soft furry friend. And I get that. But maybe as you look at these images you will see snakes as just a little more beautiful than you thought of them before. I would love that. 

Leave a comment below. I would love to know what your thoughts are upon seeing these. (: