The hidden language of the soul

Dance is the hidden language of the soul - Martha Graham

In my photography I work hard to capture more than a snapshot. I believe that an image can capture your soul, but it takes time to draw out your subject. To help them relax and show you who they are requires patience. The quote above struck me because I spend a lot of time  connecting with the people I take portraits of and yet I immediately see the soul of a dancer.  When I watch dancers move it's easy to see who they are inside. What truly drives them is all on the outside, when they dance. It's why so many people around the world want to be dancers or go to watch dancers. That quote above sums it up. 

How can you not be totally blown away by what dancers can do with their bodies? I am amazed every time I get to work with one (or in this case two!). This session was exciting since I have worked with both of these dancers individually and wanted to see them dance together. I had wanted to do some portraits with two dancers and see what we could come up with if we spent the evening in Portland. We chased the sun all over the city.

I wanted to make sure they had some input in what they did so several of these shots we worked on planning together. First we went to the Eastern Promenade where we took some silhouette shots of Grace leaping. I can't tell you how many times she did this, but it was a lot! Next we went to Standpipe Park up on Munjoy Hill. It's an amazing view over the whole city. We captured amazing shots of the two of them together here.

Then we went down to the waterfront by the docks and fish market at Custom House Wharf as the sun was setting. I was impressed yet again by how they make everything they do look so graceful and easy even though I know it isn't easy at all! And at this point they are tired for sure, but just kept going!! Lastly we went to Wharf street itself. A very old cobblestone street full of restaurants and business. There were people everywhere! Grace and Colleen both were so patient and unaffected by the crowds. It was a lot of fun to see what we could capture there at night. 

I am so grateful to get to know amazing people who work hard on their dreams. I hope you enjoy these images and they inspire you to stay passionate about whatever it is in your life that is the language of your soul. 

In dreams - Jen