Children's Dream Portrait Session for Ella, Westbrook Maine

Ella is one of those easy kids. Even mom says so. She goes with the flow. Smiles a lot. And is a tad shy, except for her flare for color in her hair! I love that she is showing off her personality in such a fun way!!

Ella asked after the session to see the ones we did with the mask. She was most excited about those images. She was all about pretending and using this as a way to explore stories in her mind. That is just what these portrait sessions end up being about for kids. A way to live inside a story or imaginative idea that they have. She picked out her own dresses for the session and was so eager to play! I love the big smiles that we coaxed out of her! Those teeth will surely be a marker of how old she is now, big teeth growing in and replacing the baby ones. A time that passes so quickly. 

If you have a child with a vivid imagination or who loves to play dress up these portrait sessions will be right up their ally! Call to get more details 207-318-0467 or head on over to the contact page (click this) to get in touch. 

In Dreams - Jen