Ep 3 - Maura, One Caretakers Strength - A Child with the Invisible Illness

As a mama myself, there are times when I dread the world in general coming into contact with my daughter. Most the time things are fine, now that she is not a baby and I am not worried about how tiny and helpless she seems, but it's still there. The worry. The WORRY. The things that happen that you just can't control. I don't watch the news any more because I can't stand to be constantly reminded (usually in the most graphic way) of all the truly terrible things happening in the world. I don't desire to live in that state of worry or fear. 

One of the things that can strike at anytime is disease or illness. It can sneak up when you think everything is just fine. I am guilty of being afraid of this for my daughter for sure. So what happens when your child gets diagnosed with an illness that currently isn't curable? How do you deal with that pain, and then learn to cope with it every single day? That is Maura's story. Click on the link below to listen to her story and learn what this has taught her. Every time I hear a woman's story I find something I can relate too. My guess is you will too. 


Here are words from Maura and contact information for her. If you are a parent going through something similar and are looking for a support system she can help! 

"I am a mom, clinical social worker, wellness consultant and stress management strategist. I love astrology too! I have a private psychotherapy practice in Central Maine where I will see just about anyone, but particularly love to serve those with any kind of diabetes, those impacted by cancer, or any other chronic illness. I am a curious person by nature, open to opportunity, and would love to connect with anyone doing interesting projects involving story, personal growth, and chronic illness." - Maura Blair

This is where people can find me on the interwebs:

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More info on type 1 diabetes: jdrf.org

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Here are the portraits from our session together. I love that she then chose to use some of these personally because she liked them so much. Often as moms we don't take the time to have our portraits taken. I was glad she had this opportunity. 

If you or someone you know would like to be considered for the project please head over to this page and scroll to the bottom to send me an email.