Chicks Squared or Sprites in the woods in Poland, ME

Once in awhile I like to post something personal. Because I like to share that I have a life that I love and it's what motivates the work I create. And also, because sometimes I just can't resist. I adore these images and the pure joy of friendship and love of baby animals that they captured. I just had to share them. 

My daughter is an animal lover to the extreme. Cause she is the apple that fell from my tree. (: Last year she begged to bring a donkey home from the fair. And promptly informed me not to worry, he will live in the bathtub. I burst out laughing. We live in the city without a blade of grass. With a guinea pig and a fish tank (that is full of the baby fish that were born in it!). So she lives vicariously through her friends pets. 

We were both really excited when we got the invitation to a friends home and to their baby chicks!! They were Buff Orpington (which I love saying) and the Barred Rocks, and the ever so tiny Bantams. We brought them to explore the grass for the first time and it was hilarious to watch them peck and walk (not very far!) and check things out. 

This is the good stuff. What life is all about. The days of play dates and fluff love and drinking it in. Summer is about to officially kick off here with this being the last week of school, well, I should say FINALLY, since we had so much snow we are the last in the nation practically to be still attending school. But I digress. I can't wait to share more summer fun here. Just to shake things up a little. And to show that a portrait session doesn't have to be formal to capture the beauty of the moments we cherish.  

In Dreams - Jen