Summer in Maine Reminiscing | Family

Every once in awhile I like to post something personal. So that my clients (and my long distance friends) can see who I am, what I am up to, where my values lie, and what excites me. Family (and friends) are at the top of my list of life priorities. I always say one of the reasons I am a photographer is to capture moments that I want to remember 50 years from now. I have learned that the portraits I took even from 5 years ago really touch my heart more than I even could have imagined. 

Our children have grown overnight. (My daughter is the blonde in the middle in the top image below) They have become little people with opinions on everything and they have such great  senses of humor.  They are all so amazing and distinct in their personalities. I love spending time with them and seeing the way their thoughts have shifted, what they are interested in during this visit (for the cousins), and what makes them happy. 

The trip this summer accidentally coincided with the eclipse. Which had a couple of the parents on call that morning making last minute viewing devices out of all the cereal boxes in grandpas house before our trip to the beach. They worked great! And I even got one great shot of the eclipse during cloud cover.  

It was a quick visit this time for everyone, but we always make the best memories. Digging in the sand, eating s'mores on the front lawn, and taking a few family portraits before they loaded up in the vans to head out. I even managed to get in some portraits this time when my daughter decided to take my camera!

One of my favorite images is the black and white in the van. The kids all talking at the same time, singing, and with their heads in their own world. It shows the chaos that is 6 kids, 9 and younger all together. But also reminds me how an image can stop a split second in time, the fleeting light at dusk, and a glimpse of the energy and love in that moment.