Ep 15, Sarah, I Believe You

“What I know is this happened to me…” - Sarah

This girl. With the bright green eyes, blonde hair, and unrestrained laugh. She had some horrific childhood trauma. Sarah chose to share her story, not all the gory details, but the impact. The way that it changed who she is. Both sides, the ways that she battles still against the belief that she is unlovable and the ways that it has made her appreciate how amazingly beautiful the world can be.

Childhood trauma messes with you in a specific way. In that it haunts you, always. The message it sends, the things you were told, become ingrained inside of you. Those messages are strong because they imprinted onto you early, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t win against them. And that is just what Sarah is doing. She created a life doing things that matter to her in her career and has kept herself safe and whole against all odds.

The theme of this podcast is, Belief. Right now in the United States we are a part of the #MeToo movement and just finished the Kavanaugh hearings. It is devastating for many many women to know that if they spoke up they would not be believed. While so many women have come forward to share their stories of sexual abuse and stand together there are still so many more that stay quiet. That live in fear lest they should be judged. Sarah was brave enough to speak up. I thank her for those of us that stay silent.

Stories like Sarah’s teach us so much. The sheer resilience of humans for one. But also I love knowing the ways she has dealt with bumping up against the walls she has hit over the years. The tools she has used for helping herself become the person she wants to be. Not staying in the pool of depression or victimization that we can all get caught up in at times.

This woman is a hero. Like all the women I have interviewed on The Gardenia Project. They face daily, their demons and learn how to turn fear and self doubt into kindness and love.

And belief.

To all of you out there reading this. I see you. I believe you.

Always, Jen