Project 365 | Weeks 9-11

"Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards" - Soren Kierkegaard

Here are the picks from week 9-11. Trying to play catch up a bit. All of these are always on Facebook, but I figured that for those without that it would be nice to have them here too. It is amazing to me how the days fly by. 

We have done all the boring everyday things that show the passage of time. And also the things that mark days we will never forget. We said goodbye to one of our dear guinea pigs and there has been an immense amount of sadness in the house. 

I debated taking the image of my daughter holding her dying guinea pig and sharing the obvious pain you can see. But I believe what my godmother taught me, that without real pain there cannot be real joy. 
To me the image is beautiful because it evokes emotion. One of tenderness and total love. Every time I see it my heart stops. 
May it be a reminder of how much love our children are totally full of. That what we teach them about the world is how they see it. This time in the world feels fragile and scary at times, but then I remember that we are raising the next generations. Full of fierce LOVE, light, and compassion.

Sometimes I am taken aback by how beautiful the world around me is, by my daughters laughter, and how fun it is to watch her with friends and then other days I find myself searching for something to spark my interest to capture. That seems to happen every week with this project. 

More soon!