Project 365 | Weeks 12 - 14

Here are 3 more weeks of our life. Of friends, sleeping, talking, pet guinea pig, protesting, walking home from school, using an electric typewriter for the first time, looking at the ocean, watching the fish swim, snow, rain, appreciating the amazing state of Maine that I love, and much more. 

I have to say this project continues to be tricky. Mostly because of the time on the backend to download and edit the images. But I think (finally at day 136 as I post this) that it has finally started to be part of my routine. And a part that I love. I am looking at things in a new light all the time. What is funny, what is beautiful, what is happening!? This year will be the most recorded in my daughters life and I am grateful that I will have these memories to look back on. To remember the mundane regular school day walk home when she randomly put her arm around her friend and I was there to grab that sweet quiet moment. 

Cheers to capturing moments for the future. And to being in them today.