Winterberry Horse Farm | North Yarmouth Maine

A friend of mine invited us to go to his grandmothers farm in Yarmouth to meet the horses and ride. As huge animal lovers my daughter and I were beyond thrilled. It was a gray overcast day, but the rain, thankfully, waited until we were done with our time at the farm before coming down. The images from the day reflect the quiet connection that Charlie had with them. As well as the amount of fun she had there. 

I feel so lucky to get to be part of a world where there are things as magical as horses. Truly, these big majestic creatures are just so gentle and intelligent and yet so powerful. It is no wonder there is so much myth, legend and lore attached to them.

I grew up in the horse country of Kentucky. I learned to ride by sitting on the back of a horse. No one taught me anything about how to sit, how to stay on, or what not to do. I learned by listening to them.

Eventually a friend here in Maine taught me a bit about how to ride. But it's been years since I have gotten to spend any time with them really. But it's like riding a bike I guess. As soon as I am around them again I feel all the same feelings. They are such special creatures. These giants have so much to teach us. We are lucky to get to know them.