Project 365 | Weeks 15-17

I have fallen in love with this 365 project. I have leaned into creativity in a new way. Some days are still hard and I feel like there is nothing new or interesting happening. And other days are about documenting our life which I do love and know I will be very grateful for as time passes and many years from now I can look back at this year day by day.

But every few weeks there is an image that I am so proud of. That is new to me. An idea that works. Something I tried that I haven't before. Some moment that catches me off guard. Light that is just perfect. Or how I realize I got lost in the thoughts and effort of creation of the image. That is when I know how much this challenge has changed me and how grateful I am that I started something that at first seemed so daunting. (s

Cheers to starting something that makes us nervous. To being outside our comfort zone. Where surely we grow the most.