Children's Swimmer Portraits | Portland Maine

This session was just the most fun. Mom called me up and when we chatted about her vision for the Dream portrait session for her kiddos she explained that they were both competitive swimmers. That they spend much of everyday in the water and they adore it. It is a huge part of their lives and their identities. She really wanted to capture this time in their lives and include what they do. 

Mom had searched around and found some images that she loved online and wondered if we could do something like it? I love a challenge! I took a look at the idea and the lighting that would need to happen and we made a plan. These are the results. I totally love how the water caught in the light and the tough look on both of their faces. It's pretty great too considering that these two laughed through the entire session. They are just the happiest kids. And they were so nice to each other too! (: It was so sweet to see the 13 year and and the 6 year old connecting and chatting and playing together. And now she will never forget this time with her gap tooth smile and his almost high school self! 

If you have an idea for your kids session that is outside the box I would love to talk to you. I really enjoy helping you figure out what the best way to present this time in your child's life might be. It's a fun process from beginning all the way through handing over these beautiful prints for framing in their home!

- Jen