Ep 13 Britt, A Flicker Of Light

Britt's story is truly unlike any I have told here before (or ever heard for that matter). It is one of an early teen life full of sadness that ends up with her being kidnapped. And then it spirals out from there. I won't say more, but this is an episode you won't want to miss. Because like all the rest of the woman who have shared their stories Britt's life now is a wonderful happy success story that she is proud of. Often though when we look back we are embarrassed or ashamed of our story. More often those emotions come from things that were outside our control, but we still blame ourselves. And that is one reason why I share these stories. So we know that we aren’t alone. That we all feel the same and that we can escape our shame. 

This is yet another tale of how things can play out so terribly for someone. How during a long chunk of time it looked like her life would take a certain path that would lead to an early death or at the very least a very rough quality of life, but how she made choices to change her life completely. To pull herself out of a situation that many people could not escape and create a life of joy one step at a time. By following a flicker of light that was always there. 

Our stories create who we are and the choices we make. But they no longer define us. That is the light that I love to share. 

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