Ep 21 Chanel, Radical Listening for the Common Good

When I met Chanel she was a calm presence. Someone I felt immediately at ease with and who I could listen to all day.

And she really does practice what she preaches. She listens very intently.

Chanel says “I am a self-proclaimed People, Community, & Culture evangelist and nerd. I feel most fulfilled when my work is at the intersection of engaging people, building community, and designing an inclusive and equitable culture.

She began the Seat at the Table initiative with the Treehouse Institute and has spoken for TedX Dirigo on Radical Listening.

Chanel tells the story of what she decides to do with her own anger, fear, and frustration at the state of the world in the last few years.

How she decides that maybe what we all need to do for each other, a lot more, is listen.

But as nice as that sounds it isn’t actually the easiest or most comfortable thing to do. Especially when you take a road trip and sit down next to people that you know do not share your point of view. What does it mean to take in what another person says when you know it will oppose your own beliefs? Especially when we are talking about belief systems. How do you learn from it? What does that listening change for you?

Listen to Chanel and then maybe do your own research. It is a challenge, I believe, more of us could take on.

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