Bambi's Portrait Session- "An Investment in Your Self Esteem"

Bambi and I met for coffee and chatted to get to know each other, which is one of the steps I always take with new clients. It's very important that my clients feel really comfortable with me when I pick up the camera and this is the first step in making sure that happens. We really hit it off and found that we had the same passion and enthusiasm for life and our work as entrepreneurs. It's always fun when you end up making a new friend through a session too! I always feel so grateful to make these new connections. 

She needed some images for her marketing and website. I loved what she said after her session with me "It's not an investment in your marketing, it's an investment in your self-esteem". When we talked about the session later she said she felt totally different about herself after seeing her portraits. I saw some friends of hers later too that said Bambi just wouldn't stop talking about how wonderful she felt and how excited she was by the images. 

Here are a few more things she said about the session: 

"I've been needing professional photos for webinars etc. and I was totally impressed by the expressions and feelings you captured in the examples I saw. Since my tag line is radiance, power, confidence, and success - I needed someone who could capture that and no-one has ever been able to get even close.

When I saw the first image I was so blown away at how beautiful I was, how excited I was to play big because of that image, and how I saw my power and therefore FELT my power." - Bambi

Her testimonial made me happy because the whole idea for this work that we do together is to help you get really comfortable in the container that you live in. I talk to countless women who feel afraid to sit in front of the camera. Who love their career and are very confident about the work they do, but they aren't all comfortable or confident in their bodies. I want to work to close that gap in confidence between your mind and body. If I can help a little bit then I have done my job. 

Ideally I think we should all feel connected to ourselves in every way. We should be kind to ourselves. Accepting ourselves with joy. Sounds idealistic, but I work on it myself all the time. I have a daughter and it breaks my heart when she is hard on herself. I can't imagine why she would be unkind to herself! She is wonderful, can't she see that?! Often it is much easier it is for us to be hard on ourselves and kind to others. I know that my job has to be to believe positively about myself so that I can model that for her. Sometimes it's just really hard. But we keep trying. 

I would love to work with you if any of this resonates to you. I believe that investing in ourselves is always rewarded and especially so if we are raising children since they are always watching us. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

In Dreams - Jen