Best of 2017 Slideshow and Thank You

Every year as I wrap things up I spend time to ponder all the wondrous moments I have been part of. I am grateful beyond measure for all of you that choose to spend time with me. You give me the gift of getting to spend time with your families. Getting to laugh with you and to say goodbye to those you love. All of these moments in life are precious.

I am honored that I get to know you. To get a brief glimpse into what makes your family, yours. Life is not perfect by any means, for anyone. This year I took portraits with a family in the last part of their mothers life. There was so much love (and a bit of chaos). She enjoyed every bit of it. She pulled me aside to tell me so.

There are so many times every year that I realize I am so much more than a photographer. I am the secret keeper. The observer, the orchestrator, the calm presence or the one who stirs the pot for laughter! I hold your hand and tell you that you are indeed worth it. That it's ok to give yourself permission to celebrate yourself. That it's ok that your family fights in front of me. That it's ok that your children won't sit still. 

This is real life. The life that I want to capture for you. Not always what you imagined, but just what you need. 

We all know that time marches on much faster the older we get. The ride is what we make of it. May these moments bring you as much joy as they brought me this year.

And cheers to more adventures and lives full of love in 2018!