365 Project

Project 365 | Weeks 6-8

I haven't been keeping up with posting the weekly images from my project here on the blog. So I am going to post several week at a time to catch up. 

I have learned a lot about myself during the now 13 weeks since I started this project. I am constantly surprised by being a creative. How sometimes you don't feel inspired or creative at all. Some days the idea of finding something worthy to use as my one good image from the day is beyond daunting. And I feel like I failed myself. On the other hand, when I started I didn't know how in the world I would keep up. How I would find the time to take more photos (on top of my single mom running a business schedule) and then edit them too! What I have discovered though is that, despite the struggle some days, I really love carrying my camera everywhere again. When I was a teen I did this. It is what made me fall in love with photography. It taught me how to be quiet and wait. To see the world silently. To really look and SEE things and appreciate them. To slow down the world. 

So yeah, I love this. I am wondering if I will stop after the year is over. I haven't hit my super busy season so I am not sure yet, but either way I love this challenge. 

Here are weeks 6-8. More to come soon!

In dreams- Jen

Project 365 | Week 2

Project 365 | Week 2

Here it is. The second week in January. I have quickly realized this will be a great way to record all the things that happen in a year, the mundane, the hilarious, the walks to school, the fits of giggles, the regular sunsets up here on the Eastern Prom, the messy house, the games we play and much more. But also, the passage of time. How things are just the same in our daily routines and yet time passes so quickly regardless.