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Best of 2017 Slideshow and Thank You

Best of 2017 Slideshow and Thank You

There are so many times every year that I realize I am so much more than a photographer. I am the secret keeper. The observer, the orchestrator, the calm presence or the one who stirs the pot for laughter! I hold your hand and tell you that you are indeed worth it. That it's ok to give yourself permission to celebrate yourself. That it's ok that your family fights in front of me. That it's ok that your children won't sit still. 

Mini Portrait Sessions | In Westbrook Studio | December 9th

Mini Portrait Sessions | In Westbrook Studio | December 9th

This special holiday mini-session allows you and your family to update your album just in time for the season.  A quick and intimate shoot at my studio that will result in beautiful images of your littles perfect for holiday cards, updated prints for your portrait wall, a canvas for grandma - now's the perfect time to print your memories and share them with those you love!

Fall Mini Sessions ONE day only!!

What is a mini session anyway?! 

A shorter session for families that are so super busy! Wait, that's every family I know. (: Yup. These sessions will get you that special family portrait that you want for your holiday card or gift, or just because you really need an updated portrait of your child. They are only 25 minutes and we really focus on having a great time together! I guide you easily through the process, giving you ideas on what to wear, telling you what to expect and how to prepare, and giving you the information you need to help you plan what you will purchase. My goal is to make the whole experience easy and enjoyable for everyone.

So you meant to get professional portraits taken this summer and you missed out because you were traveling and soaking in the sun. Now is your chance to book a Saturday mini session with a the beautiful foliage backdrop that Maine offers! 

Don't take my word for it, here is what one client had to say "The pictures she captured brought tears to my eyes, I couldn't be happier to have these images forever. Jen is so easy to work with and her work is beautiful. We can't thank you enough, Jen!" - Katie

Here's the scoop:

What? - A shortened session time so that you can get that family portrait (or portrait of your choice) 25 minutes

When? - Saturday October 8th ONLY

Where? - Broadturn Farm in Scarborough. Check out these images on my blog from a session held there. Click here Mini Sessions at Broadturn Farm

What do I get? - 2 -5x7's art mounted prints and those two files as a phone app! 

What next? - Call for the rest of the details and to book! 

Call to book your session today! 207-318-0467

Goofy boys - A mini portrait session

Mini sessions are a great chance to get some portraits quickly. Which makes them especially appealing to parents with a couple kids. They take about 20-25 minutes and are all about having fun so that the kids don't get bored. I let them run around and play, walk and chat. I ask them to interact with each other and see what happens. We get lots of goofy out takes and usually some great images that are more straight forward traditional portraits that grammie and grandpa will love as well. 

I loved these two. Their personalities are totally opposite. Gavin is older and an old soul who is a bit more serious and conservative, while Chase is a total goofball who couldn't stop giggling. I watched them wrestle, make silly faces, and generally just had a great time. Just what kids should get to do. And while we were at it we captured some great memories. 

I feel so grateful that I get to connect with families and children this way. And I get to stop time for a bit. Today when their parents saw the portraits they talked about how different Gavin looked now because he had lost his two front teeth. Children change so quickly! 

I only offer mini sessions a couple of times a year. So sign up for the newsletter here on my website and you will get an email when they happen again! See you then!

In dreams - Jen

Real life portraits.

When I set out to capture children I never know what is going to happen. Sometimes they spend the entire time running away from me (ie toddlers). I've had kids that have woken up from a nap and just aren't in the mood to do this photography thing (and I don't blame them!). I have had every kind of scenario that you can imagine. Boogers, clothes falling off, anger, tears, and lots of laughter. 

When Emily (mom) pulled up she was clearly exasperated. The reason I am sharing that she was so upset is to set the stage for the idea that you don't have to be having the perfect day to have your portraits taken. She and the kids had a series of unfortunate events including clothing issues and a fight. She said she almost didn't come. But when you look at these portraits you would never know it. 

I asked Emily to go around the corner and just let me hang out with and talk to them alone. We started playing games. I asked them to come play on the tractor in the field with me. To run around. Lucas wanted to pick up his little sister. Even though it might be something a mom usually might not want to let her kids do I let them go for it. They are some of her favorite portraits of them together. 

This is not the first time I have asked a parent to hide around the corner or take a walk and let me just hang out with the kids. I think sometimes it's good for everyone since kids often feel the pressure to smile like mom wants them to. Or often there is a lot of direction for what to do from both parents and myself. So much so that the child doesn't know who to listen to. At times like that I tend to whisper something in the ear of the child and ask them to come with me. I tell the parents we have a secret and are going to go surprise them with a portrait that I will show them later. Then I walk the kids just out of earshot. I think it's just a really nice tension reliever. A way to let them know that I see what's happening and I understand they might feel pressured or overwhelmed.

My goal is to make sure your child always has fun during our session. I don't want them to dread having portraits taken. It should be fun! They should get to act like a kid still. Those tend to be the portraits that the people that hire me really want to see. They want to see smiles, but also genuine interactions, real life, sweet moments. 

After awhile everyone was having so much fun that we grabbed mom and did a couple portraits with her too. You can see the love. 

In dreams - Jen