Ep 2 - Elizabeth - What's at Stake When we Don't Speak Up

The second episode is all about standing up for ourselves. Or rather the times when we don't. What are the repercussions when we stop ourselves from saying what we need to. It's a pretty amazing story. This is the interview that made me realize I had to do a podcast for the project. The story was too compelling and emotional in the telling to be translated and written down to be read. Elizabeth needed to speak her story to others. 

"Cold air stung my face as I peered up at the face of Hauyna Potosi (6000m) just barely after midnight. Stars filled the Bolivian sky and a serial glow reflected off the snow.  The silence was peaceful as I assembled my multiple layers, crampons, my climbing gear and harness in order to begin climbing. I had yet to tackle a feat of this nature, and a rush of excitement rushed through my body.  I begin to wonder would I be one to descend victorious, disappointed, or just happy to be alive?" - Elizabeth 

When I first heard Elizabeth's story my mouth hung open. Then I immediately teared up and cried as she kept talking. I remembered all the times I didn't stand up for myself. The times I can look back on when I knew I wanted to say something, but just didn't for all the reasons that we don't. And the ways that not speaking up didn't serve me or totally changed me. 

Sometimes those choices have to be made fast. Or under duress. I wonder what I would do in her shoes. What would you have done?

I would love to hear from you after you listen to her story. Was there a time in your life when you feel like you should have said something and you stopped yourself? Why? And what did it mean for you? Did you learn and change from that time? Leave your comments below. I read and respond to all of them.