Ep 18 Leigh, Happiness is a "Holy Donut"

If you are a local ‘Portlander’ than you know all about the Holy Donut. I mean you were just there the other day. (; However, now that half the country knows about them too the bragging rights have changed from the best kept secret to “I can have one any day I want!” Ha! So it goes with a donut this good!

Leigh tells us so many things about life in this podcast. Like what it’s like to put your heart and soul into your business idea. What happens when you put your head down and work your butt off for a dream? What it’s like when that dream unexpectedly takes off a light speed. How the universe can hear you. What does it mean to listen to your soul when it comes to eating? What real parental support (even when you are a grown up) looks like. How hard it is to raise a kid as a single mom. And what’s it is like to lose someone who had given you so much love and support. 

It’s been a busy six years, to say the least, and her life has completed changed from what it was when the journey to start the Holy Donut started. There are lots of pearls of wisdom, bits of joy, and a few big doses of reality that get shared here.

She talks about how this was so much more than a business idea to make donuts. It was a deep emotional feeling about what donuts give us. She sums it up best so I will just quote her directly here:

“They symbolize something to me so profound, it was about pleasure and enjoyment and sweetness and getting them out there and letting other people taste them and saying, have a treat. Let me help. Let me, let me bring you something sweet. Let me brighten your day. It was so much deeper. It wasn't just like a product or a job idea. It was something deeper. It was the symbolism of what doughnuts meant to me at that point in my life, which again was letting go indulgence, pleasure eating what I wanted without restriction, without dieting, without limiting myself, without telling myself that I'm going to get fat.”

She also talks about putting love into the world and how it comes back ten-fold. But I will stop here. Go listen for yourself. It is another strong woman sharing her strengths and struggles both. Just the kind of thing that I really get into. Cause that is what life is all about. Well, that and damn good donuts.

- Jen Dean

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