Seeing is Believing | Head Shots with Jen Dean Photography

Let’s talk about the benefits of having a professional updated head shot.

Most people I work with dread having their portrait taken. (The only thing I console myself with is that the dentist is still a bit more unpopular… I think.) But just like with the dentist, you have to visit your friendly photographer more than once in your adult life in order to see lasting results.

When people look at your current head shot what do they see? Is it the you from 20 years ago? Ten? Two? Is your hair a different cut - and possibly a different color? Has the outfit in the picture has long since gone to Goodwill? If that person walked into a meeting, would your client recognize them?

They likely would, because I’m willing to bet your smile’s still relatively the same. But you hate the idea of getting in front of the camera. So you just haven’t done it yet. You’re thinking about it - you’re reading this post, aren’t you? - so here’s a few things to mull over as you consider updating your headshot.

What version of yourself does your current photo put out into the world?

We all want to put our best foot forward and in this case it’s our best face forward! I know that when I go to LinkedIn and I see an image that is poorly lit, or obviously a selfie, my assumption is that the person is new to what they do and just don’t have the resources to get a professional portrait taken.

The truth is that is very often not the case! I have had clients come in who have been running their business for many years, but just dragged their feet when it came to updating their portrait. Instead, they’ve been using a picture that a friend or co-worker took on their phone. And with powerful cameras in our pockets it’s easy to be tempted to just snap a shot on your lunch-break and update your page before dinner.

We all give and receive messages daily about people and their business and we make choices about who to invest in based on those messages, even if they aren’t always accurate. Because despite the adage, we do judge books based on their covers. And more often than not, the environment and circumstances in which our photo was taken can speak volumes. It’s not just the subject - it’s the surroundings, too.

We believe what we see!

This holds true with the images that are on your website or social media channels for your business. People are flooded with images everyday and they are making fast judgments about them. Do you want to make a statement that is clear and concise about who you are and what you stand for? Do you know how to do that? Portraiture is more than just posing and good lighting. I’m here to help you convey exactly the message you want to - and I’ll help you hone in on that message if you assistance with that, too.

Are you in a business coat or a cardigan? Are you looking directly into the camera, standing with your shoulders squared, or are you sitting on a velvet couch, leaning into the camera with a smile that shows you were just laughing? The same person posed differently portrays a very different message. There are unspoken cues in each change of posture, outfit, and smile. I’ll help those messages speak the volumes that you want to be heard. And while we’re doing it, we’ll actually enjoy ourselves!

What if having your head shot taken was fun?

I know that most people avoid portraits like the plague, but I promise it won’t be painful! We small business owners are often told that the best compliment you can get is a referral - and that’s true - but the very best compliment you can get is a return client.

Once you work with me I promise you’ll see how easy updating your photo can be! The process is painless and the photos that result will make you wish you’d come in sooner to get images you love, that will elevate your brand.

“Jen Dean not only helped the staff here feel comfortable in front of the camera, she also shared tips and tricks. The headshots came out great. We will be using her again and again and again!”

- Brittany from Acadia Benefits

“I couldn't be happier. Jen was incredibly easy to work with, gave great instruction during the headshot session, and came up with so many great photos that it was hard to choose! Jen works quickly, but she's so talented that she doesn't need tons of time. Efficient and top notch.”

Holly Lusk

“Every interaction we had with Jen and her team from the get go was so positive! From scheduling to making sure we had all the information/details we needed leading up to the day of the shoot to the final photos - which are hands down the best we've ever had done. We're already looking forward to working with her in the future”

- Pam Chamberlain

“I truly enjoyed meeting Jen and working with her on my business headshot. She really knows her stuff, and her studio is gorgeous. I wanted to stay there and have tea and just chat with her all day. She's just so cool. I was very happy with my photos and would recommend her to anyone looking to get professional or personal photos.”

- Michelle Milardo